Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ordination of Salvatore Mellone

Zenit this morning has a story about Salvatore Mellone.  He is a terminally ill seminarian.  Before he dies, he was ordained and gave his first blessing to Pope Francis.

Father Mellone's story reminded me of my post from May 21, 2011.  It is unusual for a seminarian to be ordained on his death bed.  But not only did this happen for Father Mellone, it also occurred with Bl. Hyacinth Marie Cormier, O.P.  The miraculous thing is, Hyacinth, (who received that name because his health was as delicate as a hyacinth) recovered.  Not only did he recover, he  went on to become the Master General of the Order of Preachers.

May Father Salvatore Mellone recover as did Bl. Hyacinth, for this I pray.

Friday, April 17, 2015

God's Power Made Perfect in Weakness

The story of Bill Atkinson is very inspiring.  I did a double take at first because the words quadriplegic priest leaped out at me.  I didn't know this was possible.  A priest needs to be able to elevate the Eucharist and a quadriplegic wouldn't be able to do this.  This story explains how it happens.
      Bill wanted to be a priest.  He chose to belong to a community, rather than become a diocesan priest.  In my opinion this was divine intervention because I think living in a community would be more inclined to help their confrere than the lonely diocesan cleric.  Bill chose the Augustinians.
      During Bill's first year in the seminary, he had a toboggan accident that left him a quadriplegic.  The Augustinians thought that Bill could still be a priest.  They worked with him, including asking the pope for permission to continue his studies.  Cardinal Krol, with permission from Pope Paul VI, ordained him.  Father Bill consecrated with the help of a deacon.
       Father Bill lead an active life and was a model for everyone he encountered.  He died in 2006. I was thinking he'd be a good intercessor for all who felt handicapped, who needed encouragement to persevere, who craves hope.  Father Bill Atkinson is the one to call upon.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Stunk Up the Place

The women's club went bowling tonight.  As usual, I did fantastic--at first.  I've done that all my life.  I just do well in the beginning and then from then on, it's all downhill.  We played two games and I scored 77 in the first game.  The second game I scored 44.  See what I mean?

Besides, I broke a fingernail.   

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And I Realized This was the Wrong Place

"One large cheese pizza."

"Ten minutes."

Sticking in the snow, a flag waved "Open."
The man behind the counter said "Hello."

"I called ten minutes ago for a cheese pizza?"
He smiled and said, "fifteen minutes."

Mmm...I thought; on the phone he said ten.
I sat down and watched the news on their TV.

He turned the oven on and walked in back,
soon he came back with a white bumpy circle

and opened the oven door and gave the doughy
circle a shove that sent it well inside the heat.

The news was the same old and I was bored.
I picked up a menu and stared at he cover...

My eyes grew wide reading the name
on the front;

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Knights of Malta

Last night I ran into a Knight of Malta.  He explained that the Knights of Malta originated during the crusades as an organization dedicated to help Christians.  They founded a hospital to provide care for the sick and poor Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  But when more and more pilgrims were killed and harrassed on their journey, they felt they had to protect them.  They then became a military order.

Their patron is St. John the Baptist and their patroness is the Blessed Virgin Mary with the name "Our Lady of Mount Philermos."  Their symbol is a Maltese cross.

Nowadays, they are known primarily as the group that take the sick to Lourdes.  And they do it for free, too!

BTW, pray for Craig, a Knight of Malta, he has been diagnosed with cancer of the tonsils.  May Craig, who himself shows compassion to the sick, feel the love and comfort of Our Lord, and a healing if it be His Will.  Mary, Our Lady of Mount Philermos, and St. John the Baptist, interede for Craig in this hour of his need.  Amen.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rejection = Opportunity

My niece is applying to college.  Of course, she's been rejected here and there.  And it hurts.  We all know that.  You can't be human and not get hurt at some time.

It didn't help to tell her to look at the rejection letter as an opportunity to narrow down her prospects--"Good, now I can focus on other schools."  No more than telling yourself when you're fired, "Good, I hated that job anyway."

It still hurts.

But it is an opportunity.  It's an experience that you need to feel.  You need to feel rejected to learn how to handle it.  You will live through this.  The sun still shines.

Kick the dust off your sandals and move on.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good is Not Equal to Evil

CRAZY! Crazy Weekend.  Since my nephew's accident, life has been discombobulated.  There is no
end to the paperwork.  Police report, insurance reports, rental car report, and the hassle of telephoning the proper people, have used up all our family time.  The accident spoiled our fun time.

But wait a minute!  We're Christians and if that means anything, it means life makes sense.  Let's ponder the accident.  After all, we know that joy and suffering are related.  What is God's plan?

No one was seriously hurt.  Everyone is alive.  That's the best result.  We have a renewed appreciation for our lives.  As a family we bonded in trouble, which would have been completely different if we were bonded only in fun.  We figured and worked out difficult situations like how to get a rental car delivered when they weren't open, or there weren't any companies in the area.  We made do or we did without.  We felt a sense of accomplishment.  We learned that five big people can fit in a two door coup--albeit squashed.  We learned to laugh at the predicament.

Best of all, we learned that good trumps evil.